At Bilat Trading s.r.o., properties and all related activities have been in our scope for several years. Both commercial and residential properties are our bread. We aim to provide maximum quality and high responsibility of both our employees as well as realised projects. Although our services and partners portfolio are complex and wide, we are always happy to participate on various projects even partially. That is in case you are looking for an expert to do a particular task or part of your project that your current suppliers are unable to deliver.

Apart of properties, we focus on other projects across different industries.

Each and every project is important with a dedicated page listed below.


New buildings

We specialise in brick bungalows and garden cellars. We use materials and products from selected suppliers yet at attractive prices, thanks to mainly our own technology and transport.

Demolition works

Both own heavy machinery and manual labour are used in order to minimise vicinity damage impact. Debris removal, even from badly accessible places is a must. Should it be needed, annexation can be arranged too.


We are at your disposal whether you need to dig cable pits, ports/connectors, or placing base for family house, pools, ponds, pergolas etc. Landscaping, soil removal and delivery, material storage and more are also among our services.

Gardens modification

We prepare bespoke schemes, realise turnkey gardens, lawns, and plant trees. We provide regular maintenance such as lawn mowing, tree cutting, and gardens refurbishment.

Garden cellars

From project schemes to permissions, realisation, to neighbourhood renewal. Soon, you will be able to enjoy your new wine cellar, or true home cinema.

Contemporary interior designs

Your imagination will come true. With regards to the latest trends, needs and budget, our planners and architects will help you to materialise your dreams. Stop dreaming of a home you saw in a magazine last week – start living in it instead.

Material delivery

We deliver all kinds of sand, selected stones, mulch, fireplace wood, building materials such as bricks, transoms and such. All of that from selected suppliers and with our facilities.

Debris and rubbish removal

Prague and Central Bohemia regions are our territories. With regards to volume requirements, a skipper that will be loaded by our employees or machines is provided.

Facility management

We offer complex property maintenance and technical facilities. We are happy to help with records of buildings and FM software support too.


We possess a wide range of various machinery, allowing us to provide services fast, on time, and at attractive rates, mainly thanks to the absence of lending fees that incur when lending machinery from third party..


There is a significant base of craft-masters such as masons, whitesmiths, carpenters, thatcher, locksmiths, electricians and others, all at our disposal. There are bespoke construction experts etc.

Construction-site video-supervision

Maximise check over ongoing construction. We lend video survey equipment with online streaming app for your phone or desktop.

Design and implementation of computer networks

One of our divisions allows us to offer design and implementation of computer networks, particularly during building construction, but additionally too. Hardware solutions are also provided.

Computer & notebook sales & services services are designed to all who need regular and ad-hoc assistance with their IT equipment. Our experts are available 24/7. You can order online or use our hotline.

Websites, e-shops & business cards

Whether you are present on the Internet already, or are considering it, let the professionals do it. Ours will prepare unique design, will suggest all necessities, will take care of realisation as well as administration, and will help with promotion too. All of that for great prices.

Graphics & advertisement

From conception to execution of various prints, advertisement stuff, billboards, to leaflets, and more. Take advantage of our graphical studio.

Embroidery and Sewing

We are proud of our ability to master such rare craft; that allows us to satisfy your needs, e.g. own logo embroidery on different textile types or on cloth and flags, too. We are happy to prepare the design for you.

It is our core belief that clear communication with the contractor, and offer customisation to their needs are key to successful business. Do not hesitate to share your needs with us.