Atypical cellars

No cellar is the same. And we will convince you of that. Times of the old, wet and poorly accessible cellars are gone. We introduce you new age cellars that we are able to implement to either current buildings or to the new ones.

Nowadays cellars are still often used to store food, but it is more commonly becoming a place for leisure or social activities. Quite often such places become private wellness; saunas, whirlpools, and such – all used to relax your body as well as your mind. The cellar can be a home cinema too. Large screen or UHD TV, high quality sound system, comfortable sofas with refreshment at your hand. Or perhaps you would prefer having a wine cellar where you can meet your friends with a bottle of wine from your private collection. Or maybe that could be a place of private parties and celebrations. Whatever you choose to do with your cellar, your neighbours will be grateful. Besides, you will have more privacy and your house will not suffer from interior damage.

Possibilities are literally limitless and it is all about your wished and imagination. We take care of preparation, project, permission, and realisation. Vicinity will always be restored to its original state.

  • Project

    Learning the current state and requirements is a starting point. Our project managers and architects are ready to help

  • Permission

    We take care of all legal documentation

  • Realisation

    Working with professionals assure smooth and fast project realisation

  • Acceptance and handover

    After completing perform acceptance and I will give you work to use