Gardens & Home Vicinity

They make important part to your home and its surrounding. It is a barrier between your world and the world out there. It is therefore extremely important to pay attention and provide care to this aspect regardless the stage; preparation or complete.

We are very happy to help you with garden establishment, project conception and realisation too. We are ready to assist you with garden refurbishment and even with saving it. That is quite typical for older buildings where gardens suffer from low to no maintenance for a longer period of time. Once again such garden can make people happy and fulfil its function.

Our gardeners and technicians are almost miracle-makers. They can cast peaceful oasis, ponds, and pools, gardens either for leisure or sport, but agricultural spots for growing herbs, fruits, vegetables and such too.

  • Preparation

    Learning current landscape state and requirements is a start point.

  • Establishment, modification or rescue

    Working with professionals assure smooth and fast project realisation.

  • Additional services

    We will be very happy to provide you with caretaking and maintenance. The possibilities are limitless