Refurbishment & reconstruction: carefully

If you have never done refurbishment or reconstruction before, believe us when we tell you that in contrast to tearing up a new building, it is a rather difficult and complex process. It is also true that the results are very often more subtle, beautiful, and unique too. Original architecture can be often combined with contemporary designs putting the building on the edge of history and future.

Our rich experiences, such as consultancy with project manager and architect, are at your disposal since the very beginning. We shall find the most suitable solution to your requirements and budget, too. All necessary legal documents are taken care of with us.

Once all prerequisites are complete, preparation works (cleaning, demolition etc.) will commence. Demolition is handled either by heavy machinery, or manually with regard to vicinity damage minimisation. We take care of annexation, should that be necessary, debris and rubbish removal too. When all work is complete, everything is cleaned and surrounding is renewed to its original state.

Extension or new installation is handled by our experienced craft-masters and specialists using high-quality and verified materials provided by renowned suppliers. Put all-together, this is why we can deliver our solutions on time. With having all details such as wiring, smart systems integration, facade, and floors, final building approval, we will hand the building over to you.

This however not necessarily the point where our collaboration comes to the end. We will be very glad to help you with caretaking or maintenance.

  • Project

    Regardless whether you have a clear picture of your project or not, a project manager and architect who are here to help you

  • Permission

    With a clear project, we ensure all legal documents and obligations

  • Reconstruction/Refurbishment

    Then the work commence. You need not worry about anything, our skilled and qualified craft-masters know what to do

  • Surrounding

    All damaged vicinity is renewed to its original state to make sure it looks fresh and good

  • Final building approval & hand over

    After final approval, the building is handed over to you

  • Additional services

    We will be very happy to provide you with caretaking and maintenance. The possibilities are limitless